Axis Mutual Fund  which is among the best performing fund houses in India provides various investing solutions to the clients across different states as per variegated investment goals. Out of the equity, debt and balanced funds, you can make online investment in best axis MF schemes in India to make your portfolio highly weighted and understand key notes about performance, nav, online sip plans of axis mutual funds India with the experts. It alwayys grab the best opportunity in the market to help the investors gain tremendous growth over time. It has made it so simple. Axis MF is managed professionally by the expert fund managers who pool the savings of a large number of investors in order to invest them in shares, debentures and other market securities.

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  • CEO / MD

    Mr. Chandresh Kumar Nigam

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      Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
      70.32 5 25.47 4Y 4M 1.98 L Invest
      69.34 5 16.17 6Y 1M 1.57 L Invest
      44.64 5 15.46 5Y 8M 1.54 L Invest
      42.33 5 15.57 6Y 7M 1.54 L Invest
      2171.75 5 5.85 10Y 4M 1.19 L Invest
      2537.64 5 5.29 11Y 5M 1.17 L Invest
      2397.87 5 4.06 13Y 5M 1.13 L Invest
      25.25 4 6.04 10Y 12M 1.19 L Invest
      64.45 4 30.36 3Y 10M 2.22 L Invest
      16.97 4 9.7 9Y 1M 1.32 L Invest

      AXIS FAQs

      We Help You in Building Your Wealth!
      • The consolidated account statement is dispatched on or before the 10th day of every month through registered email ID.
      • The risk associated in a mutual fund can be analysed through the parameters like standard deviation and beta. Lower standard deviation means less volatility in the NAV.
      • The frequency of STP can be weekly (transferred on every Wednesday), fortnightly (alternate Wednesday) or monthly (1st, 7th, 10th, 15th and 25th day of the month).
      • The consolidated account statement is proof of investment in mutual funds. This statement is provided by the Axis Mutual Funds and consolidates all the financial transactions in all folios of the investor.
      • The available dates for SIP in any scheme of Axis Mutual Fund are the 1st, 7th, 10th, 15th and 25th of every month.
      • To get any kind of assistance regarding investment in regular plans of mutual funds, investors can connect with the experts at lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 .

      Axis Mutual Fund - A well-rounded Online investing solution

      Out of the equity, debt, and hybrid funds, you can make an online investment in the best Axis Mutual Funds in India as per your investment preferences and risk handling capacity. Axis Mutual Fund is among the best performing fund houses in India providing various investing solutions to the investors across different states as per variegated investment goals. It always grabs the best opportunity in the market to help the investors in gaining tremendous growth over time. Axis MF has a team of research analysts and professional fund managers who pool the savings of a large number of investors in order to invest them in shares, debentures and other marketable securities.

      Fundamentals of Axis Mutual Funds

      Axis MF aims to offer the best quality of investment services by following the core values of the company. The AMC responsibly handles investments of more than 20 lac investors and takes responsibility to fulfil every financial objective of the investors. The fund managers at Axis Mutual Fund are highly professional in handling equity, debt, as well as hybrid mutual fund and, have rewarded the investors with consistent gains. It has shown an incredible growth within a small time frame as the AUM of Axis Mutual Fund is sow balling and achieving new heights. More than 300 different axis mf schemes have been launched till now allowing every kind of investor to fulfil their financial objectives.

      The roots of Axis Mutual Fund are built on following core values which have allowed it to flourish in the asset management business.

      • Hard Work: The team of Axis MF does not backs up from giving extra efforts in research and analysis of the investment tools.
      • Transparency: Axis Mutual Funds aim to maintain transparency in investments by allowing every investor to know where his/her money is invested. The AMC regularly gives every detail of the holdings and portfolios on a regular basis to the investors.
      • Commitment: The fund management staff is committed to achieving the predefined investment objectives and seeks better ways to achieve the goals within ethical boundaries.
      • Accept Mistakes: Asset management is a risky business and Axis Mutual Fund takes full responsibility for the mistakes and wrong decisions and aims to avoid them in future.
      • Curiosity: Axis Mutual Funds seeks for the innovative strategies and opportunities to enhance the services and deliver optimum results to the investors aided with latest technologies.
      • Humility: The fund house seeks to gain reliability by taking full responsibility for the hard-earned money invested by thousands of investors throughout the country.

      Why Choose Axis Mutual Fund online investment?

      1.Create Long-Term Capital Appreciation:

      Axis Mutual Fund AMC understands the very basic rule of investing, which is to invest with a long-term perspective because the money grows at a steady pace in the long run. It is quite obvious that when an investor starts with a small amount at an early age, he can easily make a reservoir of wealth when he/she retires. A long-term perspective with Axis Mutual Fund SIP has two basic advantages; first, the investment is secure from the market fluctuations and second, you get a handsome corpus at the end of your tenure.

      2.Investor Specific Solutions:

      The investors get prime importance at Axis Mutual Funds in India. By following a pathway of understanding the nature and requirements of the investors through a healthy conversation, online investment in this AMC is very much involved in bringing up the brand new techniques in the field to build a strong connection between Axis MF and investors. The feedback from the investors is taken with open arms and also upgraded to bring a positive change in the strategies.

      3.After Sales Support:

      Axis Mutual Funds also follows the concept of after sales service and even after mutual fund product sell, their team constantly keep in touch with the investors. The AMC believes that marketing and selling the mutual fund products are not the only activities involved in the process of sales. The fund house is always ready to help the investors in case of any query that arises in their mind after investing.

      4.Start With Minimum Rs 500:

      In case of Axis Mutual Fund investments, the investor can start with as minimum as Rs 500 to invest through SIP investment in the best-performing schemes available under the AMC.

      Which are the Best Axis Mutual Funds Plans To Invest Online

      Have a look at the top performing Axis Mutual Fund schemes in India offered so that you can make an investment in one of the best performing schemes and get higher returns to fulfil all your financial dreams.

      Top Axis Equity Mutual Funds

      The investor with high-risk appetite and high return expectation can invest in these schemes over a long-term horizon to get risk-adjusted returns.

      • Axis Long Term Equity
      • Axis Focused 25 Fund
      • Axis Midcap Fund
      • Axis Bluechip Fund
      • Axis Regular Saving Fund

      Top Debt Mutual Funds of Axis

      This category invests in debt and money market instruments to generate adequate returns to investors by maintaining low risk in the portfolio and moderate returns for long or short term goals.

      • Axis Banking & PSU Debt Fund
      • Axis Liquid Fund

      Top Hybrid Mutual Funds

      This category is for the investors who want to get an advantage of the stability factor of debt instruments and growth factor of equity instruments to reduce the risk as compared to equity funds and generate higher returns than debt funds.

      • Axis Equity Hybrid Fund

      Axis MF Online : Advantages of Investment

      • Top Axis Mutual Fund SIP schemes available for online investment provide consistent growth with high returns in future.
      • By maintaining diversification across different schemes, the investors can get the risk-adjusted returns over a time horizon.
      • As every investor has different goals to accomplish, It offers a wide range of schemes to fulfil the financial objectives.
      • There are the best available retirement plans under the fund house to provide regular income after the retirement in order to pay for the post-retirement expenses.
      • By using SIP calculator , the investor can start an investment in Axis Mutual Fund with a minimum amount and stay invested for long-term to accumulate sufficient fund for future.

      Popular Axis Mutual Fund Managers

      Mr Jinesh Gopani (Head – Equity) holds the degree of M.M.S in Finance from Mumbai University. He has an experience of more than 15 years in the capital markets with the reputed firms like Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund and Voyager Capital.

      Ashwin Patni is the Equity Fund Manager of Axis Asset Management Company Limited. He has a total experience of 15 years in capital markets with a post-graduate degree from IIM Calcutta and B.R. In Metallurgy. He has previously worked with the well-reputed AMCs including IDFC, ICICI, & Standard Chartered.

      Ashish Naik is an equity fund manager with nine years of experience as an equity analyst. He has done MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur, and B.E. from the University of Mumbai. He has previously worked with Goldman Sachs.

      Devang Shah is a Sr. Fund Manager at Axis Asset Management Company Limited. He has done Bachelor of Commerce & CA and possessed an experience of 12 years as a fund manager & analyst. He previously associated with ICICI Prudential AMC, Deutsche AMC & Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

      R Sivakumar (Head - Fixed Income) is an engineering graduate from IIT Madras and PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. He possesses vast experience of over 18 years in the asset management industry of India. He has extensive work experience at Sundaram and ABN AMRO Mutual Funds.

      Our site is partnered with Axis Mutual Fund to provide the best investment solutions to investors. With all the necessary information about the scheme, investors can also explore our blog and articles section to get the latest and relevant information regarding various mutual fund schemes .

      Meet Our Clients
      Axis mutual fund schemes were suggested to me by the financial expert and I am thankful to them for that. The Axis SIP of equity funds have delivered the best gains to me and have performed well under every market conditions. It showed negative returns to me for a while when the market was falling but later on, I gained better returns than my expectations.
      Piyush Dave Bangalore
      My experience with Axis Mutual Fund has been amazing till now. The large and mid-cap fund provided by Axis is a great scheme and has delivered outstanding returns to me in 3 years. I am looking forward to staying invested for 3-4 years more as I am much satisfied with the results.
      Vivek Sharma Pune
      I was looking out at various AMCs and then decided to invest in the Axis Mutual Funds, as its a known company in India. I was searching for a broker, and then my dad told me about investing with lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 . The next day I filled in my KYC with them and told them about my goals and my future perspectives. They understood it and helped me in investing. Thank you guys for all your support throughout the investment procedure!
      Kinshuk Pandya
      I am a happy investor of Axis Mf. I was looking for the best mutual funds to invest in India, but could not make the right choice for my portfolio. Then, my friend recommended me to avail the services of lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 and I immediately contacted them. One of their executives made me aware of the top sip plans and I found them completely suitable to my profile. I invested in its plans and now earning great returns. Thanks team lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 .
      Jayesh Mathur
      I am grateful to lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 for providing me an online platform to invest in the schemes of axis mutual fund house as it is the factory of wealth creation, and now, I can even make a hike in my monthly investments whenever I desire with the ‘Increase SIP’ option given on the portal and can easily keep a track of my online investments in axis mf through their dashboard. Thank You lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 !
      Harshit Gupta
      I heard many good things about axis mutual fund through advertisements, and it was quite popular as its funds had performed extremely well in the market. But, I was unsure of taking the risk of investment as I hardly had any knowledge about which fund to choose. But, I got remarkable one-stop solution to all my financial problems by using the exceptional services of lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 , as they helped me choose the right axis SIP which are best suited to my needs.
      Chavi Mathur
      My personal experience of investing in Axis Mutual Fund has been great. I started investing in its schemes by saving a little amount every month. With time the value of my money though has underwent little fluctuations but has provided overall good returns. As a result, I have added a few more of its schemes with the help of financial experts at lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 who have always been supportive and helped me in selecting the best funds. Thank You!
      Saloni Verma
      Investment in mutual fund was always a question for me. I never realised that it would yield me such amazing returns. But you guys have helped me in making the right decision of opting for online investment in best Axis MF schemes. Although I was doubtful about earning profits by the same but your worthwhile portfolio has helped me in creating wealth for my future. Now, I am sure that I will be able to earn heavy returns in future and in fact have decided to invest some more capital in the mutual funds of Axis plans online.
      Mridul Bhargava Pune
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