Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is one of the fastest growing mutual funds in the country. The fund has expert fund managers who design the schemes considering global opportunities to grab the best one for the investors. Mirae MF online provides excellent customer services to their clients. It is backed by the big fininacial service provider - Mirae Fund Global, which is headquartered in Seoul. Mirae Mutual Fund house takes pride in having the network of branches and associated all over the country. The Mirae Asset MF is aimed at fulfilling your investment goals, and with us, you can achieve them through the online mode.

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  • CEO / MD

    Mr. Swarup Mohanty

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      Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
      97.93 5 20.47 4Y 11M 1.97 L Invest
      31.37 5 19.33 4Y 11M 1.90 L Invest
      79.6 5 17.43 6Y 1M 1.62 L Invest
      22.4 5 14.02 6Y 7M 1.61 L Invest
      13.56 3 6.45 12Y 9M 1.25 L Invest
      Mirae Asset Short Term Fund- Regular Plan -Growth
      Moderate Low risk | Short Duration
      13.01 3 6.09 Y 0M 1.24 L Invest
      1871.15 3 4.78 13Y 10M 1.18 L Invest
      2261.38 3 4.54 13Y 7M 1.18 L Invest
      Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund -Regular Growth
      High risk | Sectoral-Pharma and Healthcare
      21.7 22.27 Y 0M 2.07 L Invest
      Mirae Asset Focused Fund Regular Plan Growth
      Moderately High risk | Focused
      19.05 18.42 Y 0M -- Invest

      Mirae Asset Mutual Fund - Promising Growth & Consistent Returns

      Mirae Mutual Fund was launched in India in 2007, after attaining a successful investor base across different countries. Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Financial Group is an independent financial services group in Asia and provides the core services in asset management, wealth management, and life insurance. In Korean, the term Mirae means “The Future,” and according to this, Mirae Asset MF aims to safeguard and manage your money in order to secure your financial future. Mirae Asset Securities tend to deliver exceptional returns on the investments which fulfil the diversified financial objectives of the investors.

      Mirae Mutual Fund - Overview

      With an establishment in Korea in the year 1997, Mirae Asset Group provided with immense investment and wealth solutions to the investors. Mirae Asset Mutual Fund pioneering spirit and strong commitment translated into consistent and steady returns, which in turn lead them to be the top of Korea's indirect investment market. Furthermore, it has spread its business across several nations of Asia and has attained a notable position in the Indian mf industry. By offering a wide range of online mutual fund investment plans in India, it has helped many investors in earning commendable profits and fulfil their financial goals with ease. In India, Mirae MF  is sponsored by Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd., and is established under the trusteeship of Mirae Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd.

      Why to Invest in Mirae Asset Mutual Funds?

      • Globally Renowned : The AMC is sponsored by Mirae Asset Global Investment Co. Ltd., South Korea which is a globally renowned financial group present in 11 countries and provides financial solutions to the clients in 30 countries.
      • Exceptional Past Performance : All the top ranking mutual funds of Mirae Asset MF have a healthy track record and have surged positive gains over the past years.
      • Well-Experienced Fund Managers : Mirae Mutual Fund has a team of top fund managers having vast experience in the finance management.
      • Innovatory Ideas : The fund house stands tall among all the fund houses on the basis of innovatory ideas. The AMC leaves no stone unturned in sensing the future market opportunities and implementing innovatory ideas to provide inflation-beating returns.

      Top Ranking Mutual Funds of Mirae MF

      1. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
      2. Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund
      3. Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund

      Mirae Asset Mutual Fund : Offers Different Categories

      For the purpose of helping a large number of investors in order to fulfil their financial desires, the fund managers and investment officers of Mirae Asset sip investment plan aim to design scheme in different categories to serve the best solution. Mirae MF online has five broad classes in which the funds have been bifurcated. They include:

      1. Equity Funds :  By investing in the equity and related securities across various sectors and companies, Mirae Asset Mutual Fund offers a broad range of equity plans. They provide the opportunities for capital appreciation and consistent growth over a period of time. The equity schemes have primary investments in the shares and stocks of different companies and have diversified the capital across varied debt instruments as well to mitigate the risk exposure. 
      2. Hybrid Schemes :  Mirae Asset MF online scheme falling in this category taps the potential of equities and fixed income funds. The objective of this plan is to generate capital appreciation along with current income through a combined portfolio of equity and equity-related instruments and debt or money market securities. 
      3. Thematic Plans :  Under the thematic plan, online Mirae Asset Mutual Fund SIP investment have an asset allocation to the companies falling in particular sector or industry. One of the best thematic plans of Mirae Mutual Fund is the Mirae Asset China Advantage Fund (MACAF), which invests in the local Chinese companies and offer high growth potential to the investors to benefit from the China growth story.
      4. Fixed Income Funds :  With the aim to provide regular income and financial stability, it has fixed income investment plans in India for the investors. The fund managers actively manage the portfolio of the schemes to provide optimal values in the form of profits from the debt and money market instruments. They focus on parking the funds in the quality portfolio and manage to safeguard the interest of the investors in the best possible manner.
      5. Tax Saving Plans :  Reducing tax liability is the biggest concern for every individual and the tax saving investment plan in India offered by Mirae Asset Mutual Fund online investment plan provides the same. The investments are made in such instruments which yield high growth and wealth creation opportunities to the investors in order to offer dual advantage of building a corpus and tax savings.

      This way, Mirae MF has the best investment plan in India for every financial need. One can make the apt choice for one’s portfolio and attain maximum returns and growth.

      Renowned Fund Managers of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund

      1. Mr. Swarup Anand Mohanty : Mr. Mohanty is currently the CEO of Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) Pvt. Ltd. He has over 21 years of experience in the finance management and joined the AMC as Head-Sales in 2011. Prior to joining Mirae Asset MF, he worked with several renowned AMCs in India.
      2. Mr. Neelesh Surana : He is a B.Com graduate and holds an MBA (Finance) degree. He is associated with Mirae Mutual Fund from 2008 and is currently the Chief Investment Officer of the fund. Having 19 years of experience in the equity market, he handles 4 top recommended mutual funds of the fund house efficiently.
      3. Mr. Gaurav Misra : He is the senior fund manager of the AMC and holds 23 years of experience in portfolio management. Mr. Misra has a BA Eco. (Hons.) degree along with an MBA degree from IIM Lucknow.
      4. Mr. Mahendra Kumar Jajoo : He serves as the Head of Fixed-Income and holds 25 years of experience in the mutual fund market. He analyzes the future growth potential of debt instruments that can surge stable gains in long run.

      Mirae Asset MF - Offers Other Services

      Along with the best mutual funds in India, Mirae Mutual Fund online SIP investment plan offers various other solutions for the convenience of the investors, so that they can enjoy the benefits of mf investing in a better way.

      • Systematic Investment Plan SIP, i.e., Systematic Investment Plan is the way in which one can invest in the best mfs by making easy investing of a small amount at regular intervals. Mirae MF has pioneered the concept of regular savings plan through SIP in which one has to invest a predefined amount on a regular basis either per month or, per quarter or, per year. With this, they offer the benefit of rupee cost averaging and compound interest.
      • Systematic Investment Plan Top-Up One can also increase the SIP amount in Mirae Mutual Fund nav with the top-up facility. Suppose you get an appraisal and want to invest more sum in mf schemes through SIP; then you can easily add the amount to the SIP with online Mirae Asset Mutual Fund and increase your investments for creating wealth.
      • Systematic Transfer Plan They have another facility which lets you invest a particular sum of money from one category of the fund to another. Mirae MF online helps to maintain a balance between risk and reward.
      • Systematic Withdrawal Plan This facility provides the benefit of withdrawing the money from a mf scheme on a systematic basis to regularise your income. This is best suited to the investors who want to plan their retirement through Mirae Asset Mutual Fund online.
      • Trigger Investment Plan For the purpose of providing market-linked profits, they offer the facility of the trigger. One can set the triggers which help you in fixing the time when you want to invest in the equity market. This is the best way you can avail the benefit of timing the market without being regularly updated.
      • Group Investment Plan It allows the companies to let their employees start SIP in selected equity s chemes of Mirae Management Company. Under this, the employees authorise the organisations to deduct the SIP amount from the salary towards the Mirae MF Group Investment Plan.
      • Variable Transfer Plan Mirae Asset MF lets you make dynamic movements in your fund's value to work for your advantage. This facility calibrates the transfer amount on the basis of your target scheme’s fund value on the date of transfer.

      Wrapping up all, Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is one of the fastest growing AMCs in India with some of the best mutual funds that can help an investor in gaining excellent returns to achieve the financial goals early. Moreover, according to the financial experts, an individual should take a calculative approach while entering in mutual fund market. For this, an investor can use the SIP Calculator to calculate the estimated wealth gain in the future.

      Meet Our Clients
      I found it the best app for investing purposes. I have investments in two schemes of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund at this portal. I loved the services provided here. The mobile application provides full information and usable for multiple purpose of investing. It is like full of good things. Great job guys. Keep going!!!
      Shivika Gupta
      I had been hearing a lot about Mirae Asset MF in papers, and it was the talk of the town as its funds had performed extremely well in the market. But, like most people, I was too an amateur and had very little knowledge about which fund to choose from the vast variety provided by Mirae Mutual Fund. However, my problem was solved by using the exceptional services of lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 as they help me choose the right fund attuned to my needs.
      Janvi Maheshwari
      Mirae Mutual Fund is a superb AMC having great investment plans. I must appreciate lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 that they are providing their solutions with such an ease. I got associated with lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 a few months ago, and they are absolutely amazing in their services. Their support system is very responsive and strong. They simplified my investment in Mirae MF online, and I just want to thank them for their easy solutions.
      Abhinav Bisht
      With the support of lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 , I become acquainted with one of the best performing mutual funds of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund. In no time, it has provided me exceptional returns. I swear I consider no other portal than this one to make my investment a success. I hope to see the same consistency in the future too! Good work people!
      Swati Sharma
      The schemes of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund are superb, and the solutions which it offers are amazing to get started. I thank lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 and its team for helping me out in making an investment in the best Mirae MF online schemes. They have provided me with the best online platform for investing in India, and now I can manage my mutual fund portfolio in a better way. Thanks again.
      Navin Soni
      There’s a constellation of mutual funds existing in the market and without proper knowledge and instructions, anyone can land in huge debts and losses by making a wrong move. I sincerely present my gratitude towards lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 who provided the best guidance and helped me to invest in the top performing Mirae Mutual Fund online schemes. Now, I am enjoying high returns without getting worried about my money being at high risk.
      Abhishek Surana
      I invested in Mirae MF via lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 . Initially, I was not sure if I took a right decision of investing online, but lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 proved all my doubts wrong. Their well-qualified expert team provided me with the right advice and cleared all my doubts. They gave me a detailed explanation about Mirae Asset Mutual Fund. Their customised portfolio is commendable as they took care of all my needs and concerns. I am thankful to lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 .
      Vatsalya Ajmera
      Mirae Asset Mutual Fund is one of the best fund houses in India, and I give all the credit to lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 for bringing me into the knowledge of this remarkable AMC. I invested in two of the best performing schemes of Mirae MF house and I am extremely satisfied with my investment decisions. I can now enjoy watching my investments flourish better than ever. Salute to the entire team of lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 for their unmatched support.
      Aditi Chouhan
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